Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As we announced weeks ago, last Saturday the 14th of March, we screened Jalifstudio’s “Kings of Piss 2” at Berlin Dark fetish bar in Barcelona.
We knew that many people was waiting for this event; but we were very surprised because the club got so packed that many people couldn’t go in. We are sorry for those that could not enter the place. Next time we will try to let all the guys go in!
From the very beginning customers were welcome by volunteers (sexy guys they are!). They gave to every single customer some information about safer sex.
About 1 a.m. director Jalif and producer Fank Romeo introduced the film. After that “Kings of Piss 2” was screened for the first time in public. People could make pictures with the actors, and also with Jalif and Frank Romeo.
We gave Jalifstuio’s T-shirts and posters signed by the actors Turbo, Manu Perro-Nash, Rovitoni, Joe Groc and Tom Louis. You can see all of them in the movie.
The nite was very exciting and very wet (as you can see in the pics). That nite was double yellow, since it was “Kings of Piss 2” premier and, also, the Piss session of Berlin Dark, that take place the 14th of every month!
We want to thanks again team, team, team, all the people and friends that joined us and, of course, our actors Turbo, Manu Perro-Nash, Joe Groc, Rovitoni and Tom Louis for raising the temperature of the nite!
We also want to thanks Ander and Victor,, and Santiago,, for making the effort to travel to Barcelona to be with us.
Besos y lametazos.

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